Thursday, October 31, 2013

Introduction of Cow Special #2 Tuna blanks

Allow me to introduce a pair of blanks I've been wanted to build on for the last few seasons.

After countless private messages to Greg (maximum anchorage), he convinced me that the best komodo dragon (7oz. OTI popper) throwing rod with enough backbone for North Carolina 300lb bluefin tuna (while fighting deep water and deeper currents up to 4knots). 

These beautifully made burgandy blanks come with an wood pattern graphite finish.  It's tough to explain how special they are.  There is alot of character in these blanks as well.

I have two.  One to set up for an "everything big" or "catch-all" on the high seas conventional rod, and another as the second intended purpose for this lineup: 7' tuna popping rod.

The tip of the rod is beautiful, it can flex and the rod still bends through the mid section.  It's parabolic in effect yet has a taper that's fast.

Enjoy the Upper East Side on a sunny Fall day while you are at it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Black Hole Giant Blank Build - Part 2

 Seat - Guides - Placement (Part 2)

Japan.  Matagi. Custom.  All three of those words mean so much when we talk about building a custom rod.  Its a unique relationship that I have when determining attributes of parts within the available selection.  Luckily in America, we have everything...and if we don't a business owner or enthusiast will bring them over.  215fishspot, how much I can thank you.  

Creation of the image.  Assembly to match the vision. 

Targeted species.  I want this rod to be able to do many things.  Originally it was a specialty rod to be only when targeting the pelagic behemoths.  Blue & Black Marlin.  Giant Bluefin Tuna.  However in the spirit of this rod I looked deeper within its capabilities and decided the attributes, action and taper all presented the ability to keep a hook with live bait from tearing the mouth off (or leader) of a fish.  It can also take on the hard hitting sudden pulls of a big tuna.  The tip section of this rod is rather "light".  Coming in at 4mm, I think it could be a quite jiggable rod.  Bottom fishing.  Structure fishing.  Trophy Golden tile fishing.  Giant Grouper fishing.  Chunking.  Trolling.  This blank could do all of that.  Keep it at 6'1" (actual blank length) instead of cutting it down to 5'6" and I could see myself opening up the door to a multi-purpose rod.  

Matagi Pieces: 
-  DPS-LD22 Vintage Blue (deep matte cobalt/black mixed like the blank - downlock)
-  LD22 P Black (reel seat spacer matching the seat in size and color for hypalon grip)
-  GC25 Silver Graphite Gimbal (silver rings matching (E) color seat hood w/rubber cap)
-  EHBSG Fuji Guides (matching seat hood and rings on gimbal) 25-20-16-12-10-10
-  EMNST Fuji Tip/Tube (size 4.5 ring 12 to add room and more ring size clearance for knots)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Matagi DPS-LD Custom Painted Seats - (E) (S) Hood + Painting on nut - April, 2013

Mission Initiated

Matagi parts assembled

Materials collected

Manufacture of custom ready


Medium Light Action materializing!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Hole Giant Blank Build - Preview Part 1

Backbone with Balance (pulsing deep cobalt blue)
Part 2, Seat - Guides - Placement here... 
If there were a few good rods ready to take on true beast of the blue then this is one of them.  I'm not talking about the ones we see caught every season, I'm talking about the ones we see once or twice a generation.  Can we put the expectations of such achievement on one name, one style, one method, or one rod?  Certainly not, but if I have been blessed to fight that one fish and have the odds live up to my grit and determination, I will be more than humbled to put in my efforts in order to defeat the beast and win the fight.

That being said, this blank is proven in Prince Edward Island's North Lake along with off the near shores of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. 

Welcome the Blackhole Big Game Blank:

"Giant" Blank Specifications:

Composition: Nano-Carbon Graphite
Length: 6'
Weight: 11 ounces
Butt ID/OD: 19mm/22mm
Tip: 4mm

Jig weight: 1000-2000g
Max Jig weight: 2500g
PE line rating: 12-25

 With comparison to Blackhole 78N Butt diameter:


I am building this rod and came up with a few concerns.

Can I still use Fuji DPS-LD20 with #40+ of drag or should I be recommended the Fuji Deluxe Heavy Duty BPS20 or all graphite DPSH20?
I see Kil has posted regarding graphite over aluminum reel seats with this particular blank so metal is not an option.

Any layout for the Fuji HBNG? Is this what you can recommend as it's SIN II or should use a certain SIC guide layout?

Deciding on which "giant fish" I want to target and where they live is getting difficult, I may need two blanks to fish with ;)

I am deciding between pure stand up layout or keeping the longer rear grip and full length at 6' for a deep drop rod.

After getting some help on the topic I decided to use ring guides over roller.

Also decided on size 22 Fuji graphite seat over a size 20. After sliding a 20 seat on the blank around 12" from the butt, the ID clearance is less then 1/8". The last thing I want to do is have contact with the blank.
This isn't a light inshore surf rod from the 80's :-)

Next is deciding on acid wrap or traditional.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jigstar Custom Foam Handles - Kojak and Chris tune up EVA

How many times have you thought to yourself that being creative and an artist make you obligated to taking bare bones supplies and tuning them up into the utmost selection of art?

I've determined that Jigstar ingeniously designs the finest grinded EVA foam foregrip for custom builders that doesn't include you investing in a sander or band saw.

Someday I wish to have hypalon in dark blue or blood red as an option for these carved out beauties but for today we have firm & semi-firm EVA from New Zealand.

Cheers ChrisW and the crew at Jigstar.

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Custom Seeker Hercules GTS70L (Inshore Lite Spinning) - Jigging Rod

Introducing Seeker Hercules Inshore Jigger


Blank: S-Glass composite
Line: 15-30lb
Weight: 1-10oz. (cut tip 1.5", cut butt 8" - handles up to 12oz sinker)
Length: 6'3"
Cut Blank weight after cutting: 4.48oz.

Tip: 10 tip, 9 tube
Guides: BKWAG 25-20, BMNAG 16-12-10-8
Grip: Double surf tape fore+shrink, single surf tape rear+shrink
Seat: Fuji DPS-LD20 (B)
Grommet: Matagi LD (B)
Butt: PacBay